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Trio - Value Care Package

Trio - Value Care Package

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1.   Doggie-N-Zymes solve the "allergy" problem. DO NOT mistake Yeast Production for an "Allergy." The food chain works in the wild. The K9 will borrow the enzymes from its prey. Doggie-N-Zymes imitate this natural cycle. Without digestive enzymes some of the food will not digest. The undigested food converts to sugar. Sugar is the food for yeast. A moist area is required to cultivate yeast. Dogs perspire through their paws and nose. Yeast will begin to colonize in the paws and then spread. Doggie-N-Zymes facilitates full digestion. No Sugar Conversion - No Yeast! The existing Yeast starves for lack of sugar and falls off. This is the solution to the yeast and "allergy" problem. Imitate the food chain in your dog's diet with Doggie-N-Zymes.

2.  This is very common with all dogs. It's more often yeast. It usually starts in the paws and then spreads. Doggie Anti Itch is formulated to do 2 important things:

        I. Relieve the Itch and condition the coat.

        II. The Aloe Vera will begin the healing process of the irritated skin.

Dogs that lick & chew themselves have an enzyme (protease) in their saliva that erodes the epidermal layer of the skin & makes it tender or even sore. They will continue to lick to try to heal themselves – making it worse. Doggie Anti-Itch stops the itching sensation and allows the Aloe Vera to begin the healing process.
For hot spots and skin sores, use Doggie Anti-Itch to stop the itch, cool the inflammation, and allow the Aloe Vera to aid in restoring the skin & hair.

3.  Soothing Relief for Itchy Ears!
Over 50% of the dogs visiting the veterinarian for ear issues end up simply being “dirty” and NOT infected. God made this wonderful creature with large funnels on the sides of its head (ears). As these funnels collect dirt & particulate, mixing with ear wax, your canine friend begins to feel very uncomfortable. Digging at its ears with its toenails can lead to infection.
​You and Doggie Ear Wash can soothe the pain, calm the itch down inside the ears, and cleanse the ear canals without using a cotton swab. Simply flood the ear canal, Massage, and your dog will shake it all out!

Should be used once a week as hygiene. Definitely use in conjunction with Doggie-N-Zymes and Doggie Anti Itch while getting rid of Yeast infections. A perfect TRIO!

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