About Us

We are pet lovers, just like you.

We understand you want to give your pet the best; the best treatment, care and products.  

Doggie Organics was founded to provide you with natural solutions to better the quality of life for your pet.  

Your pet will thank you, maybe in their own words!

Dog Hair Everywhere:

Tim’s wife loved his dog Bear. She simply hated all of “that hair”! After 40 years of marriage she had put up with just about everything. This time she gave him an ultimatum; “fix this-or else!” The “or else” was a great motivator. The rest is history. Bear still lives in the house (so does Tim), and now she has her own German shedder (Shepherd).

Problem FIXED, marriage in tact! 

Our Purpose

Doggie Organics is a company powered by Passion and Conviction.

Passion wakes us up every day with powerful purpose.

Conviction is what guides that passion.

We believe that from the beginning God gave us the charge to take care of His creation. Doggie Organics is passionate about finding and sharing the best ways to do that for the Dog.

Our Conviction is to use the “Natural” approach whenever possible. We also give thanks for our Veterinarians when stronger interventions are necessary.

Tim, the inventor of the products, is also an ordained Christian minister. He is very passionate about continuing education for the indigenous pastors and leaders left behind as the missionaries leave their area. He simply asked God for an income to fund his mission trips. Doggie Organics was God’s answer to his prayers.