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Doggie Anti-Itch

Doggie Anti-Itch

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This is very common with all dogs. It's most often yeast. It usually starts in the paws and then spreads. Doggie Anti Itch is formulated to do 2 important things:

1. Relieve the Itch and condition the coat.

2. The Aloe Vera will begin the healing process of the irritated skin.

Dogs that lick & chew themselves have an enzyme (protease) in their saliva that erodes the epidermal layer of the skin & makes it tender or even sore. They will continue to lick to try to heal themselves – making it worse. Doggie Anti-Itch stops the itching sensation and allows the Aloe Vera to begin the healing process.
For hot spots and skin sores, use Doggie Anti-Itch to stop the itch, cool the inflammation, and allow the Aloe Vera to aid in restoring the skin & hair.

Use in conjunction with Doggie-N-Zymes when ridding Yeast. It's the best approach covering your pup inside and out at the same time!

Buy The Trio Value Pack and save Money.

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