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 Doggie-N-Zymes solve the "allergy" problem. DO NOT mistake Yeast Production for an "Allergy." The food chain works in the wild. The K9 will borrow the enzymes from its prey. Doggie-N-Zymes imitate this natural cycle. Without digestive enzymes some of the food will not digest. The undigested food converts to sugar. Sugar is the food for yeast. A moist area is required to cultivate yeast. Dogs perspire through their paws and nose. Yeast will begin to colonize in the paws and then spread. Doggie-N-Zymes facilitates full digestion. No Sugar Conversion No Yeast! The existing Yeast starves for lack of sugar and falls off. This is the solution to the yeast and "allergy" problem. Imitate the food chain in your dog's diet with Doggie-N-Zymes.

Consider beginning your process using the Trio - Value Pack. Cover your pup from head to tail; inside and out! Doggie-N-Zymes covers the cause - yeast; Doggie Anti Itch quells the itch while the yeast is dying off; Doggie Ear Wash stops the itch inside the ears at the same time.  It will save you money!

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