Doggie D-Shed

Spray Doggie D-Shed on the hair until hair is wet and penetrated to the skin (spritz and finger comb while applying). 

For double-coated dogs, we recommend using a slicker brush. This will remove the loose hair of the top coat. (Take your time. The first time will be the most ever!)

Next, towel or blow dry. (the drier, the better). We recommend a rubber shampoo-type brush to remove the undercoat.

Dry brush to complete the process.

Repeat one time per week or as necessary.

Watch how easy it is to take control of your dog's shedding with Doggie D-Shed by Doggie Organics.

Watch as owner, Tim, tackles the shedding of his German Shepherd, Bear:


Doggie Anti-Itch

Spray and finger massage into the affected areas 3-4 times per day until your dog ceases from the constant need to lick, scratch and/or chew. (This is normally used to relieve the symptoms while using Doggie-N-Zymes to alleviate the cause.

For the normal "prickly itch" from the environment, spray liberally on the affected areas as necessary. Relief in minutes!


Doggie N-Zymes

Sprinkle Doggie-N-Zymes over the food once per day. Normally within 2-4 weeks the corn chip smell on their paws will fade, the yeast spores starve for lack of sugar, and the paw chewing will subside.

Dogs 1-10 lbs use 1/4 tsp daily          Dogs 31-60 lbs use 1 tsp daily

Dogs 11-30 lbs use 1/2 tsp daily        Dogs  61 + lbs use 1 1/2 tsp daily

We recommend using Doggie Anti-Itch for the itching symptoms while alleviating the cause with Doggie-N-Zymes.


Doggie Ear Wash

Directions: Fill the ear canal and massage at the base of the ear. Allow your pet to shake it out. DO NOT probe the ear with any objects, i.e. cotton applicators. Towel dry the outside and watch your dog relax. The ears will be perfectly clean!

Their ears will be clean and they will stop itching their ears too!!


Doggie Foaming Shampoo
First, wet down your pet with water.
Then apply Doggie Foaming Shampoo head to tail with the sprayer.(Makes the bottle last 4X longer than pouring and quickly rinsed.) Massage deep into the coat and skin.
Rinse well with water. Repeat if necessary.
Doggie PawFume N°5

Rub 3-5 drops between your palms and apply all over your dogs coat. It will dry with no oily film & help prevent that "wet dog" smell after being outside in the elements.