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Doggie Ear Wash

Doggie Ear Wash

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Soothing Relief for Itchy Ears!
Over 50% of the dogs visiting the veterinarian for ear issues end up simply being “dirty” and NOT infected. God made this wonderful creature with large funnels on the sides of its head (ears). As these funnels collect dirt & particulate, mixing with ear wax, your canine friend begins to feel very uncomfortable. Digging at its ears with its toenails can lead to infection.
​You and Doggie Ear Wash can soothe the pain, calm the itch down inside the ears, and cleanse the ear canals without using a cotton swab. Simply flood the ear canal, Massage, and your dog will shake it all out!

Should be used once a week as hygiene. Definitely use in conjunction with Doggie-N-Zymes and Doggie Anti Itch while getting rid of Yeast infections. (see the Trio Pack)

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