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Doggie Organics

Doggie D-Shed & Groom

Doggie D-Shed & Groom

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Doggie D-Shed – You can control shedding and add a beautiful shine to your furry friend.

Did you know that shedding occurs at the hair follicle, so even if you thin the coat with a special brush, shedding will still occur. Shampoos serve to slip off some hair but often tangle and knot the undercoat.
Doggie D-Shed makes the hair so slippery that all the dead hair releases from the live hair and comes out in one brushing session. Yet it dries soft and fluffy! No need to rinse it off. The result is a coat that is conditioned and beautiful!

Doggie D-Shed and Groom is also a great alternative to Bathing your Dog. A Dry Cleaning without harsh chemicals! Just spray on, brush out and towel dry or blow dry. No drenching and No rinsing needed! Smells fresh , dries soft . Even for Poodles and Doodles!

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