Why should I wash my dog’s ears out?

Why should I wash my dog’s ears out?

Why should I was my dog's ears out?

I love my Veterinarian! He told me that over 50% of the dogs that he sees for ear problems turn out to be simply “dirty” and not infected.

That’s when he shamed me into creating Doggie Ear Wash. He looked me right in the face and said ‘you wash your ears every day, don’t you? Then why wouldn’t you at least wash your dog’s ears once a week?! It’s a matter of hygiene for your dog just like it is for you. ‘

I was shocked. Never thought about it like that before. 

He explained that the ears are large funnels that easily collect leaf particulate, pollen, and “dirt” that all combines with the ear wax. Itchy but not infected. Once your dog starts digging at his/her ears then they are given to infection.

In my surprise, I ask him if that wouldn’t dry out his ears doing that so often. He challenged me to create a product to handle that. Now you can wash your dog’s ears out as often as he/she may show you a bothersome ear! Use Doggie Ear Wash by Doggie Organics.

My dog hasn’t had an ear problem now for more than 3 years! Make simple hygiene a regular thing and save yourself and your dog un- necessary trips to the Veterinarian.

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