Treatment to improve dog itchy paws

Why Does a Dog Need Enzymes?

Why does my dog keep licking its paws?


A yeast infection is NOT an allergy!

 When the under-side of a dog’s paws smell like “corn chips” – That is THE distinct odor of a yeast infection in its paws. Dogs only sweat in their nose and paws. It takes a moist area to foster and then colonize yeast. Yeast starts in the paws and   will often spread to other body parts. The poor dog will lick, chew, and scratch trying to rid itself of this infection.

Why does this happen?

A dog’s pancreas cannot make enough of its own digestive enzymes. This leads the gastric juices to convert the undigested food into sugars. Sugar feeds Candida (yeast).

 Whether you are feeding Kibble, Raw, grain-free, not grain-free or some combination thereof, your dog’s pancreas requires an outside addition of enzymes to finish the digestive process.

It has always been that way!

Even in the wild, the dog would eat the rabbit “raw”. He would get a balanced diet; meat (muscle), minerals (bones), nutrients (organs), fruits and vegetables (from the stomach and small intestine). All of this is ONLY digestible when you realize that God sent along the digestive enzymes with the rabbit found in the stomach and small intestine. 

That is why Doggie-N-Zymes were created. You can now help your dog finish the digestive process by feeding Doggie-N-Zymes on its meal.

Doggie Organics offers a powerful TRIO to this naturally occurring problem:

  1. Assist in natural digestion. Use Doggie-N-Zymes
  2. Relieve the itch/help heal the paws, skin and coat. Use Doggie Anti-Itch
  3. Keep the ears clean, “an ounce of prevention”. Use Doggie Ear Wash
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