Kandy L

It all started when we reduced a dog in Tennessee .. as we were moving back to Louisiana … we feed good quality dog food .. science diet .. and we began to notice hot spots on her .. took her to the vet and they gave us a special shampoo.. it helped some .. but it then got worse .. way worse .. her hair began falling out at the root .. very oily hair .. scaley at rye root with a bad odor ..back to the vet with lots of allergy tests!! Steroid shots … which I hate .. helped for a little while and then the cycle repeated itself!!! Oh, and I did order dog food that had non of her allergy components .. her personality even changed .. head down .. just seemed sad … I guess she felt miserable .. oh and the allergy or whatever this is got into her ears and she shook then so much she caused a hematoma .. it has to be removed .. her ear now flops and she has no hearing in it!!! So one great day I ran across your product .. from a groomer. I was so desperate that I took a chance …and now 2 jars later her hair is beautiful !!!! Her personality has improved so much .. she now has a playful spirit !! I am so so thankful!! More than you could ever know!! Prayers answered!!
Her personality has improved so much!