Courtney & Chris

I am not a person that typically buys into the natural hype, BUT we have 2 big dogs that shed enough to create an entire additional 65 pound dog weekly! I was vacuuming and sweeping daily and we still had dog bunnies rolling down the hardwood floors. Not to mention the red dog (Brizzy) was licking and scratching enough to keep us awake and generally drive us up the walls. We talked to Tim at the market and got quite the education on enzymes and their health benefits and thought we’d give it a try, not really thinking it would do much. We went home with Doggie-N-Zymes, Anti-Itch and D-Shed. The D-Shed is a miracle worker! After the first time using it, and 1 bath I now just have to use it every 2-3 weeks and they look amazing, smell good, and no more dog bunnies on the floor! The N-Zymes have taken Brizzy from a dog that was constantly licking his paws and itching to just the occasional itch or lick and we just hit him with the Anti-Itch and he’s good to go. His nose that has been scabbed and peeling for years due to an auto-immune disorder is now looking almost back to normal all well. Doggie Organics has a new customer for sure.
The D-Shed is a miracle worker!