Brooke L

I have a 7 yo Border Collie named Hitch who has struggled with hot spots and severe itching since he was a year old. We tried EVERYTHING! Over-the-counter topicals, prescription sprays, diet, and holistic medications but nothing worked. Our vet put him on a medication that was over $100.00 a month and he had relief (if given daily) but I hated I was just treating the symptoms and not fixing the problem. We had decided on the recommendation of our vet to do expensive allergy testing, but before his appointment, we happened to be in Canton and found this wonderful product. I have to admit I was skeptical but tried anyway. I’m so glad I did!!! The Doggie-N-Zymes have been a miracle for Hitch. I started him on Jan. 3rd, 2021, I also bought the Doggie Anti-Itch spay, it works really well also. Now that he has gotten the enzymes in his system there is no more itching. He is completely gotten off the high-priced bandaid drug and is doing great. He has also gained 6 pounds and his coat looks better. I can’t recommend these products enough! Thank you, and Hitch thanks you also!!

I can’t recommend these products enough!