Trio – Value Care Package


  1. Doggie-N-Zyme: Impede yeast development
  2. Doggie Anti-Itch: Relieve itching and promote healing
  3. Doggie Ear Wash: Cleans and relieves the itch inside the ear

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1. Doggie-N-Zymes took its cue from the dog’s anatomy and nature itself.

Why? A dog’s pancreas cannot make enough of its own digestive enzymes, which leads the gastric juices to convert the undigested food into sugars leading to yeast production. A yeast infection is not an allergy!

It’s always been that way. Even in the wild, the dog would kill and eat the entire rabbit and therefore get a balanced diet. The one thing the rabbit offers that the manufactured dog food cannot is the digestive enzyme complex found in the rabbit’s stomach and small intestine.

Whether you are feeding kibble, raw, grain-free, or any combination, your dog’s pancreas requires the outside addition of enzymes to complete the digestive process. Once the sugar conversion from undigested food is eliminated, the yeast will starve and die off. No new yeast will attach for lack of its sugar source. That is why Doggie-N-Zymes was developed. A Yeast infection is not an Allergy!


2. Doggie Anti-Itch stops the itching sensation and allows the Aloe Vera to begin the healing process.

Dogs that lick & chew themselves have an enzyme in their saliva that erodes the epidermal layer of the skin & makes it tender & sore. They will continue to lick to try to heal themselves – making it worse. For hot spots and skin sores, use Doggie Anti-Itch to stop the itch, cool the inflammation, and allow the Aloe Vera to aid in restoring the skin & hair.


3. Doggie Ear Wash can soothe the pain, calm the itch, and cleanse the ear canal without probing. It contains aloe vera which aids in the healing process.

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How To Use


Sprinkle Doggie-N-Zymes over the food once per day. Normally within 2-4 weeks the corn chip smell will fade and the yeast spores starve for lack of sugar.

Dogs 1-10 lbs use 1/4 tsp daily         Dogs 31-60 lbs use 1 tsp daily

Dogs 11-30 lbs use 1/2 tsp daily         Dogs  61 + lbs use 1 1/2 tsp daily

We recommend the utilizing our Trio Package for complete care:

  1. Doggie-N-Zyme: Impede yeast development
  2. Doggie Anti-Itch: Relieve itching and promote healing
  3. Doggie Ear Wash: Cleans and relieves the itch inside the ear

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