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  • Doggie Anti-Itch

    Calming and Relieving. Sooth the Scratching and Itching and Leave Your Dog Feeling Great! Use Doggie Anti-Itch to stop the itch, cool the inflammation, and allow the Aloe Vera to aid in restoring the skin & hair.

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  • Doggie D-Shed & Groom

    Stop wearing your dog to work!

    Doggie D-Shed makes the hair so slippery that all the dead hair releases from the live hair and comes out in one brushing session. Yet it dries soft and fluffy! No need to rinse it off. The result is a coat that is conditioned and beautiful!

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  • Doggie Ear Wash

    Doggie Ear Wash can soothe the pain, calm the itch, and cleanse the ear canal without probing. It contains aloe vera which aids in the healing process.

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  • Doggie Foaming Shampoo

    Dirty dog? Want a fresh, clean smell that is easy to use?

    This all-natural dog shampoo is made from purified water, organic saponified oils, (coconut, olive, and jojoba), organic plant extracts, essential oils, organic aloe vera, and organic glycerin.

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  • Doggie-N-Zymes

    Doggie-N-Zymes took its cue from the dog’s anatomy and nature itself.

    Whether you are feeding kibble, raw, grain-free, or any combination, your dog’s pancreas requires the outside addition of enzymes to complete the digestive process. Once the sugar conversion from undigested food is eliminated, the yeast will starve and die off. No new yeast will attach for lack of its sugar source. That is why Doggie-N-Zymes was developed. A Yeast infection is not an Allergy!

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  • Pawfume N°5

    Smell the beautiful aroma of our PawFume N°5 and not the “wet dog” smell!


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  • Trio – Value Care Package

    1. Doggie-N-Zyme: Impede yeast development
    2. Doggie Anti-Itch: Relieve itching and promote healing
    3. Doggie Ear Wash: Cleans and relieves the itch inside the ear
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