Doggie Ear Wash

**If your dog has an ear infection and your Vet has given antibiotic drops, it is often helpful to use Doggie Ear Wash a couple of hours before administering the ear drops. This allows all of the meds to directly reach the much-needed area.

Why should I wash out my dog’s ears?<

It is a matter of hygiene. Weed particulate, pollen and even bugs can enter your dog’s ears. This is not an ear infection to warrant a trip to your Vet. If left “dirty”, your dog may dig at his ears, giving way to a real ear infection. Keep them CLEAN!

How often should I wash out my dog’s ears?

At least once a week. If mid-week your dog acts annoyed with its ears, wash them right away. It may just be something went down into his “funnels”.

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