Doggie D-shed & Groom

Is this a Shampoo?

-No. It is simply a spray. It comes with a spray nozzle. You just spray it on and brush it right off.

Do you have to wait a while before you brush it?

-No. Brush right away.

How soon should I see results, days, weeks…?

-Right away! That’s the point, you “de-shed” your dog right then!

Does it stop the shedding?

-No. God made them to shed. They would be unhealthy if they couldn’t shed. They would overload & overheat. You simply get to control when & where it comes off. Not in your house, on your furniture, or especially on your clothes!

How does it work?

-It serves as an organic release agent. The dead, shedding hair, which is so intertwined with the live hair, is now all released at once. The brush can now capture all of the loose hair instead of that frustrating brush & brush forever syndrome. You get it all off in one brushing session!

What type of brush(es) are the best?

-Keep it simple. For the dog with a double coat, use a slicker brush to remove the topcoat. Then, a rubber shampoo-type brush to remove the undercoat. For the single coat, simply use the rubber shampoo-type brush.

How often do I have to de-shed my dog?

-A rule of thumb is once per week. If for purposes of just primping, you may do it as often as you like.

If my dog licks it, will it hurt him/her?

-No. It is made from plant material & essential oils that are proven safe in the levels used in our formulations. Bear always licks it & likes it!

Does it work on every type of dog?

-Yes. Any dog that sheds needs help releasing the dead hair from the live. Doggie D-Shed does exactly that. Horse owners have also found it useful to de-shed their horse before saddling to keep the saddle blanket clean. Any animal shedding, Doggie D-Shed works.

My dog doesn’t shed, why should I use it?

-To Groom. The non-shedders need help de-tangling and removing grass & leaves from playing in the yard. It works great for that!

I heard that you can spray it on the dog’s bedding etc. and the already shedded hair will brush off easily from the bedding??

-Yes. It will release from the bedding, furniture, and even clothing. Just a small mist & rubber brush it off. (test in a small area first)